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Shop and Ship to Africa from USA/UK with Buy It. Fill It. Ship It

Do you want to buy items you love from top online stores in US? But have no idea what the shipping cost will be for various items like the laptops, phones, clothes, groceries (provisions), shoes and many more you want to buy in large quantities. We have a solution for your shipping needs from USA online stores and we will deliver it all right at your door step (home, office or school) anywhere you are.


Who Can Use Buy It. Fill It. Ship It?

Our Buy It. Fill It. Ship It works perfectly for:

  • Expectant mothers all over Africa who want to buy all their baby needs from the USA.
  • Pregnant women/mothers who are travelling to give birth in USA.
  • Those who want to buy in bulk for family and friends

If there are any doubt you may have about shipping charges from USA to your door, our buy it fill it and ship it saves you from not knowing your shipping cost before shopping.


Try out our Buy It. Fill It Ship It.

Tired of calculating all your items one after another just so you don’t get stranded when you are ready to ship your items from our US warehouse to your location in Africa? 

  • When filling your box the scale will guide you to know if the items you are buying will fill up a box or if you may need an extra box. 
  • The weight also may make your box appear full, so check that the total weight is equal to the total weight of the box you selected, so you don’t ship a half full box.


Four Easy Steps to Use Buy It Fill It Ship It.


Having challenges with this service? Contact us via WhatsApp and our customer service will guide.

Benefits of Using Our Buy It Fill It Ship It Package

  • 30 days Free Strorage: Use this option and you automatically go from 21 days free storage in our USA warehouse to 30 days.
  • 80% Savings With Ocean Shipping:  Save time, save money, know how much you are shipping before shopping and we will deliver to your door anywhere stress free.
  • Duty Fee On Shipment – only with our Buy It Fill It package, with normal consolidation you pay 10% on import duty, but with our special package for you buying a big box we take responsibility for your duty.
  • International Delivery Services: we deliver to your location in any African country