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Worried about your business

  • Worried about high cost of products from USA, UK and Europe.
  • Confused about how to get original products at the lowest possible cost.
  • Worried about the trustworthiness of suppliers you see on the internet.
  • Need one who knows the business environment to negotiate on your behalf in countries such as China.
  • Worried about the high cost of visa and air fares to China and other countries.
  • How do l get the products delivered on time and right to my door steps.
  • Worried about high cost of shipping, clearing and delivery to your door.
  • Don't want the hassle of paying with credit cards to sites you cant trust.
  • Worried about wiring money to companies you cant confirm their existence.



Our solution is simple!!! Try China. China is the world’s second largest economy after the United States of America, and has the ability due to lower labor and living cost to produce quality products at cost way lower than US and Europe. While some people view Chinese products as been poor in quality, most fail to realize that virtually all products sourced from US, UK and other European countries are also made in China. So why the wrong perception? Simple, they will produce for you what you ask for, and most dealers and merchants from Africa and other less developed countries simple request for the lowest quality products in order to maximize their profits. Another reason is that some companies in China may not have the ability and technology to produce superior products and hence will sell you the low quality products produced by them. Some may not be even genuine, and may take your wired funds, and never delivered items ordered. 

So how do small businesses in locations in Africa solve this issues and ensure they are dealing with reputable Chinese manufacturers. American AirSea Cargo, has the answer. 

What has American AirSea Cargo Done

  • Establishment and expansion of the capabilities of our China partners to handle all sizes and types of orders.
  • Visit to China by our management team to one of the largest trade shows in China to identify key and well known manufacturers for highly sorted after products that are of best quality and at the lowest possible price.
  • Consultation with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on our visit to China to identify and obtain the list of top rated and trusted Chinese manufacturers.
  • Establishment of easy means of money transfers to our trusted manufacturers to ensure fast order placement of all orders on behalf of our customers.

With these measures and partnerships we have established in China we now can help individuals and companies to:     

  • Get direct access to China's top manufacturers who supply quality products direct to the US/UK markets.
  • Get the same quality products as seen in US and Europe but at highly reduced costs.
  • Purchase highly sort after and quality products from these manufacturers as soon as its needed.
  • We provide you the list of trusted Chinese manufacturers for any item of choice that you may desire.
  • Handle the negotiations and discussions with the Chinese manufacturers to obtain best possible quotes.
  • Avoid the need for visa, traveling and hotel hassles. We work with you to procure while you face your business.
  • We handle the delivery right from the manufacturer to your door step, while handling the shipping and all customs required clearing.
  • Handle the payments on your behalf, and guarantee your funds are delivered to only trusted companies.

Don't lose your hard earned money to internet listings. Follow these steps to ensure quality at the right price.

  • Determine the products you need from China. You can also send us ([email protected]) details of products you presently get from US/UK, and we can definitely beat those prices, at the same quality.
    • Name of the product.
    • Its use and as much description as possible.
    • Pictures or videos of the product if any.
    • Link where it can be seen in the US/UK or any other country.
  • A $25 charge applies to search for up to 3 reliable, trusted and high quality manufacturers for the product.
  • Once the search fee is paid, will then start working with our China office to determine the best 3 manufacturer to meet you needs. 
  • Within 48 hours, we will provide you with details of the products from each of the three manufacturers, and pricing for each unit of the requested items.
  • Should you desire to first see a sample, we can work with the three selected manufacturers to deliver samples of the products to you. 
  • Once the desired quantity is agreed on, we generate an invoice for you to make payment and once payment is made, the purchase is done within 24 to 48 hours.
  • We will provide you delivery estimate to our warehouse, and you can track and see all updates of your purchase online at www.aascargo.com.
  • Once delivered to our China warehouse, we will generate the shipping invoice to deliver the items to your door step.
  • In a few days (7 to 10 business days after manufacturer delivers items to our China warehouse) items shipped via air are delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria and other countries. For shipment by sea, allow up to 45 days delivery (for Full Container Load) from China to Tin Can Island port, or other ports in Nigeria. Less than container load may require extra time as we need to consolidate items with other customers purchases to make up a full container, prior to shipping.
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