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Lets join hands to take your business to the next level. Is your company in constant need of quality office supplies, electronics, consumables (e.g. print toners), replacement parts, car parts,or even raw materials that you use in producing your goods or service, etc, We have a cost effective solutions, no matter your size. Be it a small enterprise or a multi million dollar company, we can meet your office supply needs at the most affordable price.

For the past two years, many companies have relied on American AirSea Cargo to deliver timely needed essential products and we have always performed. From the Telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, oil and gas companies, our E-Procure solution is a one stop solution that provides your company with unlimited access to thousands of stores all over the US with prices of quality American Specification products at saving of 50% to well over 300%. Building on our customers needs for faster response and even more savings, we developed the E-Procure solution for Business customers. With the availability of Visa and Master cards options that are now globally accepted, companies no longer need to rely and depend on expensive and long bidding process. Our E-Procure solution allows direct purchase of thousands of needed products right when its needed and at huge savings compared to expensive and tedious contract bidding process.


1. Assigns your company a unique warehouse address where all your shipments can be sent to. Just like having a representative in the US overseeing your affairs.

2. Allows for multiple delivery address. A convenient feature designed for big companies who may have a central procurement department, but need shipments sent to various locations. We forward the shipment from the US straight to your defined address, allowing faster delivery of essential items. The feature is also useful for contractors who have to deliver products to various customers. We will deliver the products from the US straight to your defined customer, using discrete packaging any specific instructions as requested by you.

3. Online tracking allows for you to monitor the status of your shipment from the time you submit it to our warehouse, till its received in its final destination.

4. Discounted procurement service offers you low rates as low as 5% processing fee for your procurement. The more you buy, the more you save.

And lots more offerings on our business solutions. To learn more go to E-Procure.

Need a custom solution that works for your companies environment. Do you prefer to issue LPO's or have other procurement system in place. Talk to us and we will work out something for you.