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Based on our commitment and believe in our ability to meet your needs, we will be offering new business customers the following:
  1. Container clearing from the Nigerian port at 6 business days guaranteed or 50% of our service charge is paid back to you if more than 6 business days
  2. Special air shipping rates for businesses from $2.99 per lbs from US
For more details, please contact through [email protected]
Since 2009, Shoptomydoor has been serving various industries across all sectors with the following services.


Procurement service


Our procurement service is one that has won the hearts of individuals as well as tens of companies due to the fact that:

  • We handle the buying, shipping, clearing, warehousing and final delivery to the customer’s door.
  • You save time in the issuance of bids and LPO's are we handle critical needs immediately.
  • Our presence in the UK, US and China gives us direct and trusted access to manufacturers and suppliers.
  • We carry out adequate inspection on items prior to purchase based on client’s demand.
  • Up to date information from the point of purchase till it gets to the point of final delivery.



ocean shipping services from US, UK and China


We provide both air and ocean shipping services from US, UK and China, and customers benefit from

  • Combined with our warehouse consolidation service, enjoy savings of up to 80% off direct shipping from manufacturer to you.
  • Delivery in as little as 6 business days from the US.
  • Instant switch to Ocean shipping from your account with options for LCL, FCL and Break bulk shipping



Our clearing services


Our clearing services are 

  • Reduced total clearing cost since we handle your clearing directly.
  • Adherence to correct payment of duties and required government levies on behalf of the customer at all times.
  • Fast clearing by well trained staff to prevent unnecessary demurrage charges from been passed to the customer.
  • Transparent and honest dealing to avoid extra billing after the original issued fee or during the execution of projects.


warehousing facilities in UK, US, China and Nigeria
We offer warehousing facilities in UK, US, China and Nigeria with the following options:
  • A 23,000sqft warehouse in the US offers ample space for consolidation service for up to 21 days at no extra charge for items we will be shipping on your behalf internationally.
  • The consolidation service allows for multiple items received at different times to be combined and shipped as one, thereby reducing the overall shipping cost in some instances by as much as 75%.
  • 5000 sqft warehouse in Lagos allows for storage of items that are not of immediate use or for temporal storage prior to dispatching to locations across the Nigeria.
  • Easy view of your items stored in our warehouse as well as options to generate online dispatch request from the warehouse to any location in Nigeria.
delivery right to your customers any where in the country
From our storage warehouse, we offer delivery right to your customers any where in the country. 
  • You enjoy the lowest possible dispatch rate all over the country with the most reliable service possible.
  • Stress free operation with less equipment to manage and handle. We package and dispatch on your behalf when you request.
  • Customization of delivery way bills to suit your needs. Just drop a sample with us, and we do the rest.
  • Spend more time running other aspects of your business and let Shoptomydoor deliver all over the country. Packaging and dispatch to the final customer 



STMD_img_oil and gas STMD_img_tractors STMD_img_construction power and electricity
Oil and Gas Agriculture and Farming Construction and Building Power and Electricity
Centered in Houston, Texas, our US head quarters puts you in direct contact with  trusted manufacturers and dealers of oil and gas field equipment and tools. Combined with our procurement, shipping, clearing and delivery to your door, Shoptomydoor business solution ensures prompt delivery to ensure uninterrupted services at all times.   With a track record in the procurement of all types of Agricultural equipment and other type of break bulk items like tractors, fishing equipment, mowing machines and so on, we pick up from anywhere in US and deliver to you. Looking to save cost, we can procure from various auctions all over the US, saving you over 50% in procurement cost. Shoptomydoor business has shipped some of the largest construction procured at savings of over 50% from various auctions all over the US. So whether its a caterpillar D8T or a 200 ton crane, we have delivered in the past and will continue to deliver. Our dedicated team of procurement professionals will search both US and Europe to meet your exact needs..  Our professional in this field understands were to source for and procure genuine power and electrical equipment and tools to meet your clients expectation. Whether from the US, UK, China or any where in Europe, we handle the procurement, shipping, clearing and delivery to your door in most locations in Africa.                                                                      
STMD_img_Telecom STMD_img_Hospital STMD_img_industrial chemicals STMD_img_industrial chemicals
Telecommunication Health Care Chemical and Allied Products Government
Has your company ever tried purchasing certain equipment, and been told that shipping is reserved only to certain regions. Let Shoptomydoor business solutions take care of all the hurdles and provide an end to end sourcing solution for all your communications needs. Enjoy one point of contact for procurement, shipping, clearing, warehousing and final delivery. We have the expertise to handle and ship fragile medical equipment, radioactive material and other sophisticated equipment and infrastructure as may be required by the health sectors. In 2014 during the Ebola scare in most regions in West Africa, Shoptomydoor supported many companies in meeting their demands for the fast delivery of major sanitary and sterilizing equipments. Unlike every other product, shipping and handling of chemical and allied products require only experts who have been trained and certified to handle hazardous goods. Our staff in the US are trained in the shipping and documentation for hazardous goods to meet the needs of the Chemical and allied products industry. Since 2009 we have supported and safely shipped various types of hazmat items from the US into Africa. With the increasing need for government departments to cut expenditure, Shoptomydoor business solutions provides the avenue for providing reliable and low cost logistics solutions. Let our procurement team handle the needs of your ministries and agencies and ensure rapid delivery of items such as cars and any type of equipment reliably and fast from USA, UK and China or from any location in Europe 


For more information kindly call (+234) 0818 490 8611 or email us at [email protected].