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Additional Features of Business Accounts

Our business account is designed for heavy shippers and corporate bodies who ship on a regular basis and in very large quantities. Designed to allow you monitor all your orders from various sites all in one place. Compared to the normal personal or premium account, a business account in addition allows you to

  1. Ship to multiple delivery address. A convenient feature designed for big companies who may have a central procurement department, but need shipments sent to various locations. We forward the shipment from the US straight to your defined address, allowing faster delivery of essential items. The feature is also useful for contractors who have to deliver products to various customers. We will deliver the products from the US straight to your defined customer, using discrete packaging any specific instructions are requested by you.
  2. Enjoy a higher shipping discount of up to $0.25/pound. This adds up when you have large shipments constantly.
  3. A higher free insurance coverage of up to $200. Hence you are automatically covered to the value of your goods up to $200. For shipments with values greater than $200, you will have to request additional insurance as your coverage in terms of loss or damage is limited to $200.

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