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Become a Partner with Shoptomydoor

be a representative a service of American AirSea Cargo founded in Texas, USA with its head office at 12001 Westbrae Parkway, Houston is looking for companies interested in becoming a partner and representing them all over Nigeria. We seek representatives in the 36 state capitals of Nigeria, and the following other major cities – Abuja and Enugu.
Purpose of tender
This invitation to tender seeks to obtain the most effective and efficient general sales Representative in the selected sales territory. The expansion and need of sales representatives has become necessary due to rapid market growth and a need to have a presence very close to our numerous customers.
Services to be performed by Representatives
  1. Make available a conducive office environment for customers to pick up consignments and provide necessary information to customers who come in to inquire about Shoptomydoor services.
  2. Sort individual customers’ boxes from the big consolidated box/pallet from Shoptomydoor's head office in Lagos and group appropriately in the warehouse for easy access and fast service when customers walk in for pickup.
  3. Handle necessary documents such as pickup waybill completed by customers at pickup and ensure its proper documentation for future reference.
  4. Accept shipments/products from customers from the territory to Shoptomydoor's head office in Lagos for onward shipment to the United States.
  5. Be eligible to participate in the Representative Scheme of Shoptomydoor and to make additional revenue from this scheme. 
  6. Become a distributor and an outlet for the sale of various products that Shoptomydoor will be introducing into the country in the next few months.
Criteria for acceptance and evaluation
The tender must be returned correctly (in compliance with the structure Section A-H below) and on time. Failure to comply may eliminate your tender from consideration. The tender must demonstrate an understanding of Shoptomydoor’s core values and needs. The tenders will be evaluated  based on, but not limited to:
  1. All applicants must be organized as a company and its documents of incorporation available for review by Shoptomydoor.
  2. Must be well established and recognized in the territory, familiar with business policies, political and social conditions of the territory to actively promote Shoptomydoor's services.
  3. Is not engaged in any other activity that may compete directly with the business and interests of Shoptomydoor.
  4. Should posses’ financial and professional capability to promote Shoptomydoor in the territory.
  5. Should be able to produce tax clearance certificate or audited financial statement for the past year if needed.
How to return your response
Your response must be returned in the format provided in section A to H below. Please scan and submit all supporting documents and email to Your tender must arrive by 20th of December, 2015. Tenders not meeting the deadline will not be evaluated.
Response Format
Section A – Territory of Interest
Section B – Bank Reference - The reference should include the following:
  • Type of account.
  • Length since account has been opened.
  • Average monthly balance for the last 6 months.
Section C – Customer Service Standards -  Please provide details of your customer service standards for past projects. If you have not been involved in services that deal with customers regularly, please provide details of how you intend to handle customer service issues as needed.
Section  D– Reputation (references) and Experience - Please provide the following
  • Brief history of your company
  • A list of your present corporate clients if any or an estimate of the number of individual customers of present
  • Details of other services performed by your company at present
  • At least 3 co-operate references
Section E – Management information reporting proposal - Please provide examples of different types of reports your company can produce for its customers, either electronically, on-line or as hard copies (e.g. sample invoices, project documents, etc)
Section F – Technical/professional skills of staff
  1. Please provide details of the team that you propose to work with us, including where their regular place of work is located
  2. Please attach a brief CV for each person. (No more than 1 page A4 per person)
Section G – Offices
Please provide details of your office location or locations. Include pictures of interior and exterior (exterior needs to be taken from the other side of the road, so as to show the complete building and surrounding areas).
Annex H – Any Additional Value Adding Services
Please describe any additional unique services that you can offer to Shoptomydoor to deliver effective and efficient services.

Please note that this Invitation to Tender is not an offer or guarantee of award of business, and all costs incurred in the preparation of the bid are the bidder’s responsibility.

Thank You.



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