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Auto Procurement / Shipping Procedure

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Our car procurement service is one that has saves customers thousands of dollars because of the low cost of cars in the US compared to other countries. From Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota up to the high end Bentley and Ferrari. Our procurement service is designed to buy ship and deliver right to your doorstep. 
Here are easy steps to guide you:
  • Go through the list of our preferred new car dealers and search for the car of your choice.
  • Shipping cost will depend on the option you want. Please refer to our shipping cost section by clicking here
  • Estimate your clearing cost, please contact us for details. For Nigeria, clearing cost depends on the type of car. Please see our estimated clearing cost in the clearing cost section.
  • If the total cost (Dealer Purchase Price + Service Charge + Shipping Cost + Clearing Cost) is okay with you, email us at [email protected] and we can get the whole process started. This same applies to new cars and auction.
  • Full payment for the issued Procurement quote (service charge inclusive) must be made before we go ahead to buy any car.
  • $50 non-refundable fee in case a quoted car is sold off and a customer opt for cancelation.
  • Urgent purchase attracts $100 surcharge.

Click here to learn more. 

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Getting Your Bike 
Shoptomydoor also procures and ships motor cycles for numerous customers worldwide. Our in house staff will prepare the shipping platform, and provides and secure your motor cycle to ensure safe delivery to you. Designed for those who desire the best in Motor Cycles from the US, such as Harley Davidson bikes, we can also help with the procurement, shipping as well as clearing of motor bikes in Nigeria and many other countries through our well established agents. We offer 3 ways to ship your motor cycle securely to its final destination, and can ship them either via air freight or ocean freight. For full details of our power bike service, please click here to learn more 
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New & Used Heavy Equipment Procurement procedure
Provide us with the details of the equipment you need. We will need actual specification with model number.
  • We will get to work, and contact various dealers to ensure you get the lowest possible price.
  • We will provide you with prices, shipping cost and any other cost to deliver the equipment to your final destination, with details of delivery time frames.
  • Once an agreement is reached, you will be required to make payment.
  • Items are procured by us, shipped and will be delivered to you within the agreed time frame.
  • Full payment for the issued Procurement quote (service charge inclusive) must be made before we go ahead to buy any equipment.
  • $100 non-refundable fee in case quoted equipment is sold off and a customer opts for cancelation.
  • Urgent purchase attracts $200 surcharge. Please click here to learn more 

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Pick-up of Automobile/ Equipment

  • You can buy cars / trucks and equipment anywhere in the US. However, we recommend you buy in Houston, Texas or preferable 30 miles of Zip code of 77036. This is the location of our office, and cars/equipment bought from nearby locations can be delivered cheaply in preparation for export.
  • Cars/ equipment bought from other Locations will have to either move to our facility for loading (If to be shipped in a container) or moved to the closest seaport we serve if to be shipped via RORO or Break Bulk. 


Pick-up Service

  • Pick-up of automobiles from dealer site or resident takes within 2 to 3 business days after payment confirmation.
  • We however advise that all documents should be ready prior to pick-up date. 
  • Pick-up and shipping cost are to be made before pick-up.
  • Original title of the cars, trucks or motor cycle must be provided. 
  • We strongly advise you ensure the buyer and seller has signed their sections on the title, before sending to us. The address on the title should be the same for bookings. Without this, the US customs will not allow the car to be exported. For motor cycles, we also recommend you provide the bill of sale, though not mandatory.

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Documents needed to pick-up and ship Automobiles / Trucks:
  • Original copy of car or truck title.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make/model/year of production.
  • Car value, name of buyer and lot number if both on auction.
  • Phone number of the company or the sales person contact, name of sender and consignee, address and  phone number of sender/consignee.
  • International Passport number

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RORO Shipping
Our roll on / roll off option allows a less expensive, reliable and fast means to move single vehicles to your location. RORO option is used for automobiles, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers or railroad cars that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. Only cars in good working condition can be shipped by this method.
Do note that cars or trucks do not sail immediately after drop off at the Seaport, there are sailing schedules and cutoff date for cars and truck shipment. Once a car is delivered at the seaport the US Customs check all documents, after which the ETS and ETA will be made available. 
However, original title of cars is needed at this point, while Bill of sale can be used in lieu of title for equipment.   
Shipping cost via RORO depends on the type of car. For sample of shipping cost to Nigeria. Please click here for more details 
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Containerized shipping
Designed to protect your car during transit (used cars or new cars), our containerized car shipping solution ensures fast, reliable and efficient delivery of your car to any destination worldwide. Shipping cost via container depends on the type of car.
If a car is to be in a container as consolidated shipment, it has to be dropped off in Houston warehouse; as such it will be shipped with others customer’s cars in the same container from Houston seaport. This is also applicable to non-moveable cars. 
Note that once a car is dropped off in Houston warehouse for containerized shipping, the container does not sail immediately; as such we need to have a full container load before container sails, which does not exceed within 2 -3 weeks.
However, our consolidated shipment of cars is currently shipped only to Nigeria (Lagos Seaport), other locations will commence soon. For sample of shipping cost to Nigeria. Please Click Here for more details.
List of Seaports we serve
  • Houston Seaport, Galveston. 
  • Baltimore Seaport, Maryland.
  • Jackson Ville Seaport, Florida.
  • New York Seaport, New York.

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Transit Time


  • Estimated transit time for RORO shipping is 2 - 3 weeks. Only cars in good working condition can be shipped by this method.
  • Transit time for containerized shipping is 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Clearing takes an estimated period of 1 - 2 weeks. 
  • Once a car/truck sail from port of origin, the Original Bill of Lading will be made available one week before car docks at destination seaport both RORO & containerized shipment.
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Clearing process 
  • An estimated clearing cost will be communicated to customers before container sails and an invoice will be generated. This is applicable to RORO Shipment, if customer wants us to handle clearing of the car.
  • Also note that the clearing cost given is an estimate, pending when the shipment commence clearing at destination port, then the actual shipping cost will be provided which maybe slightly higher compare to initial cost given or may remain the same cost
  • Clearing cost can be paid while in transit, but must be done three weeks before the container docks in order to start up the clearing process and avoid demurrage. 
  • Note that for consolidated cars in a container, clearing will be handled by us; as such one Bill of lading is what covers the cars in the container.
Documents needed for clearing 
  • Original Bill of Lading or Telex release (If Telex is what was issued by the Shipping Line, then an electronic copy of Bill of Lading will be needed), as it is required for  the clearing.
  • Copy of International Passport.
  • Tax Identification Number. (TIN)
If  a customer want us to offer only clearing service, you need to let us know the shipping line that shipped the car or the terminal where the car will dock, then we can provide you with the clearing cost, as this may slightly affect the duty and terminal charges.
It is cheaper when a car is cleared in Tin Can Island Port (TCIP) compare to clearing with Clarion Bonded Terminal Ltd/ APM Terminals Apapa Ltd / Grimaldi Agency Nigeria Ltd which can be slightly higher.