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Auto Shipping to Nigeria from USA with Shoptomydoor

If you are looking for a reliable shipping company that can ship and deliver your car in the exact condition you bought it, then you are on the right page. With 10 years of shipping experience we have delivered over 1,500 cars to our Nigerian customers across the country.

Sure, we can. We have a stress-free personal shopper team that can help with all your shopping needs, including buying any car of your choice. Simply call us and place your order in 15 minutes. They will also give you the total cost of purchase, shipping and clearing. Once you make a payment, your order will be processed. Not just that, they will ensure documentation for your car is correct and you have no problems clearing on arrival at the Nigerian ports. You can also send email to to place your car order or simply log in now to fill your order form.
How Long Does It Take to Ship A Car?
  • We have seen lots of customers who trust us to shop and ship their cars from the USA to Nigeria. It’s easy to see why, we ship at very affordable rates from Houston, Atlanta and other regions:
  • $1,290 ships your sedan car
  • $1490 ships your medium SUV
  • $1990 ships your large SUV or mini van
  • We pick up from any location within the USA
  • Weekly shipping with delivery in 6 to 9 weeks
  • Call us on 0700 800 8000 to get the shipping price or use the get a car quote here
 We have a very fast and safe shipping service that takes only 6 to 8 weeks by containers via sea. This is the best method to ship your car, as it comes without any form of damage.
With this method, multiple vehicles are loaded into a container at our USA warehouses. To leave the warehouse for departure, the container must be filled with vehicles and/or other general goods. Although this does not give fixed departure dates, you can be sure:
  • Of the safety of your car
  • It is very cost-effective for you
  • Also, customers can ship other items in the trunk of their cars or the back seat. That’s free shipping on all those items. A lot of business people love our container shipping because containers are secured.

This is different from a shared container, where the cost is shared among customers. An exclusive container shipping method is more expensive but allows you to buy other goods to ship along with the container.
Do you ship Power Bikes, Articulated Vehicle: Truck, Lorry, Bus?
Yes, we ship lots of powers bikes from the USA to Nigeria, such as Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Ducati and lots more.
Articulated vehicle is a vehicle which has a permanent or semi-permanent pivoting joint in its construction. There are many kinds of articulated vehicles from heavy equipment to buses, trains and trucks. We ship them mostly for our business customers on Shoptomydoor. To get a quote simply call us on 0700 800 8000 or send an email and our representative will attend to your needs.
Customs Duty and Clearing Charges
Our charges are based on what the current duty is charged by the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)
Where to Find Cars in the USA to Buy?
The US is one of the largest car markets in the world. With many selections for cars you can pick from luxury – Bugatti, Roll Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz to economical products Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet and lots more. You can buy any products from America, European to Japanese brands.
Direct Purchase – This is when you buy direct from a trusted dealer/merchant using your VISA/MasterCard or via PayPal account.

Bidding/Auction – Here you can bid during auction sale from trusted online auction sites.
Our personal Shopper Service – We are just a phone call away. Simply call us on 0700 800 8000 or send us an email, tell us the car model and year of manufacturing, we will provide you cost for available cars within your budget or help you bid online.

Why Choose Shoptomydoor To Ship Your Car?
  • Your car is handled with the utmost care from the point we receive, load into the container up to when you receive it in our Lagos office/warehouse.
  • Our weekly shipping schedule means there will be no delays. We currently have about 2 to 3 containers leaving our US warehouse weekly. Making it possible to deliver your car in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • We have shipped thousands of cars from the USA to Nigeria via sea. This allows us to negotiate discounted rates with shipping lines and pass the huge discounts we receive (which is from $300 to $500) to our customers.
  • You get a free US and UK warehouse address to shop other items anytime you want from over 90,000 online stores.
How Much Is the Customs Duty and Clearance Fee?
The customs duty and clearance fee vary, depending on the car, model and year it was manufactured. However, we discourage customers from shipping cars over 15 years as their charges are very high. Used vehicles will pay 35% duty while the newer vehicle that are above 2016 will attract a 35% level charge and 35% duty making it a total of 70% duty.
These costs must be paid by individuals and businesses shipping cars into Nigeria. Note that clearing agents at Shoptomydoor are licensed by the Nigerian Customs and will work to ensure your cars are cleared professionally and delivered within 5 business days to avoid demurrage and other charges resulting from delays in the clearing.
Easy Steps to Buy Your Car from USA Yourself
  • Sign up on to get a free USA and UK address
  • Go to any USA online car dealer or auction site to get your preferred car. Click here to see our trusted car dealers
  • They could bring your car to our warehouse, if not, we can go pick it up for a token
  • Then you pay for shipping to Nigeria, we clear and you pick up from our Lagos warehouse.
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