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Warranty and Insurance Coverage

Shoptomydoor’s all insurance coverage goes above and beyond your standard warranty to cover your purchases on electronics including Televisions, Home Theater System, Music System, Electronic Musical Instruments, Cameras and Video Cameras, Video Games, Printers, Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Tablets and Phones. The coverage is for new items only bought directly from a US online store and shipped through our platform to Nigeria. The coverage protects your valuables from cases such as damage in the normal use as well as loss or theft within the agreed one-year period.

Benefits of warranty Coverage

Where there is any damage under normal use, loss, theft or malfunction of the item covered under our all risk policy within one year, the item will be repaired, replaced or you get a refund of the purchased cost.

Period of Warranty:

This warranty only covers for a period one year only from the time payment is made.

How it works:

  • Items to be covered must fall in the categories of items that qualify for Warranty Coverage as stated.
  • Select warranty option for qualified items.
  • Once this option is selected, the required coverage charge will be automatically added to your shipping cost (invoice).
  • Once payment is received, the qualified items shall be covered under this policy.
  • BE sure to store all invoices of purchase, and all documentation sent to you for the coverage
  • A certificate of our warranty policy will be emailed to you within 7 business days.

When is my purchase Eligible?

Your purchase is eligible where the purchase items fall under the category of items that qualify, once payment is made and for items been shipped fom USA to Nigeria.

Who is Eligible for coverage?

All account holders (Personal account, premium account and business account) are eligible for warranty coverage.

Do I make Payment to enjoy warranty coverage?

Yes, payments for warranty rates are required to be made before items are eligible for warranty coverage.

See Rates 






Home Theater System


Music/Sound System


Printers 2%

Electronic Musical Instruments


Laptops and Desktop Computers


Cameras and Video Cameras


Video Games 2%

Phones and Tablets




How do I file a claim in case of damage, theft, loss?

  • You can easily file a claim. Simply send an email to [email protected] notifying us of such incidences that warrants a replacement, repair or refund.
  • All documents which include the statement of claims, Invoice of Purchase, Evidence of damaged items (E.g., Picture), warranty certificate issued on the item as at the date of insurance, and all other documents which will support the claims filing process should be attached to the email.
  • In a case of theft, a police report should be forwarded alongside with other supporting documents.

What do I do with the damaged items?

All damaged items covered under this policy are to be kept as evidence, as this will be requested by the insurance company for the purpose of repair, refund or replacement.

Important Notice:

  • Loss/ destruction which occurred through confiscation, nationalization, deliberate destruction, natural disaster shall not qualify for repair, replacement or refund.
  • The insurance company holds the authority to decide on re-instatement, replacement, repair, or refund on items that qualify under this policy.