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Thank you for choosing Shoptomydoor to ship your Vida Divina Products.
Shipping with us is very easy and stress free. Be sure to follow the procedures listed below to avoid delays or possible extra charges on your shipment.
  1. Sign up for your own USA address by by going to our sign up page
  2. Be sure to note you assigned US address, and most importantly your assigned unit number.
  3. When shopping on Vida Divina, use this address as your delivery address, making sure to always include your unit number.
  4. Once you have paid for your items on Vida Divinaimmediately log into you account on Shoptomydoor and pay for your shipping cost right away. Do not wait for items to arrive before paying for your shipping. 
  5. When paying for your shipping cost, be sure to select the last option - Vida Divina Exclusive, and enjoy exclusive discount for Vida Divina customers. 
  6. Vida Divina will ship items to us, and once received will be immediately shipped to your registered shipping address without delay. 
NOTE: Be sure to follow the process high lighted above to avoid delays and extra charges to your shipment. Sending items to us without your unit number, or requests to seperate shipments after been received will lead to extra processing costs.
The following process below shows how to pay for your shipment on Shoptomydoor.
STEP 1: Log into your account and select "My Warehouse". Then select the "PrePay An Incoming Shipment"
STEP 2: Select Vida Divina on the category section, and select the sub category and specific product you have ordered. Add more rows if needed. Select the quantity, enter the items value and the shipping cost (last option) will show. Click on "Pay & Ship".
STEP 3: Select the last shipping option i.e "Vida Divina Exclusive" and click on Checkout. 
STEP 4: Select your payment option and click on continue to complete payment for your shipment. 

YOUR SHIPPING COST - The following shows the shipping cost using Vida Divina Exclusive shipping option.
Shoptomydoor Lagos Office - $9 fixed charge plus $3.30/pound
Lagos State (Home Delivery) - $12 fixed charge plus $3.60/pound
Any Where Else in Nigeria - $14 fixed charge plus $3.80/pound
All Other Countries in Africa
A fixed charge of $47, plus $7.7 per pound.
Middle East
A fixed charge of $42, plus $7.7 per pound.
South America
A fixed charge of $38, plus $7.0 per pound.
A fixed charge of $38, plus $5.0 per pound.
A fixed charge of $38, plus $4.0 per pound.
Eastern Europe
A fixed charge of $47, plus $7.0 per pound.
A fixed charge of $42, plus $4.5 per pound.
A fixed charge of $32, plus $3.75 per pound.
A fixed charge of $32 plus $3.75 per pound.