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Get The American AirSea Cargo Visa Card

And Enjoy These Great Benefits


Already have a UBA Card? Enjoy these special offers this summer 

To validate an existing card, please log into your account and click on this link, and then enter your card details and validate.

Why The American AirSea Cargo Card 

  1. You save a lot more on shipping using this card. Lets see how:
    • Payments are made in dollars to us and the exchange rate is a lot less when using this visa card compared to when making Naira deposit for the same payments. This is because the card rates are tied much closer to CBN exchange rates, while cash deposit are based on bureau de change exchange rates.
    • You also get up to 10% discount for being a card holder. This equates to a rough savings of about #170/kg on all shipments from the US, and similar savings from other locations.
    • For a $100 shipping fee using another bank card at a Visa/Master Card exchange rate of 166 - You will pay a total of #17,096.34 out of your Naira account, adding the 2.99% card processing fee.
    • For the same $100 purchase, and paying cash deposit into our local Naira account - You will pay a total of 174.5 x 100, plus 3% cash deposit fee, for a total of #17,973.5
    • For the same $100 shipping fee using our card - You pay the same as other cards, plus up to 10% discount for a total of roughly #15,386.7 out of your Naira account.
    • Hence, the worst thing you want is to pay via cash deposit into our local account, and the best is to use the American AirSea Cargo/UBA prepaid card.
    • In general for every $100 shipping cost, you save at most #2,587. For a $500 shipping cost, you save #12,935.
    • NOTE: The calculations above were done on 29th of January 2014 when Visa/Master Card Exchange rates were 166, and Bureau De Change rate was 174
        Cash Deposit at the Bank Other Payment Cards UBA/AASC Visa Card
      Total Out of Naira Account =N=17,973 =N=17,096 =N=15,387
      Savings Per $100 Shipping Cost =N=2,586 =N=1,709 =N=0
    • Hence compared to cash deposit, you save roughly 15% when you use the UBA/American AirSea Cargo Prepaid Visa Card. 
  2. By end of February 2014, we are likely to require all payments less than $1000 to be made via card payments, to reduce the extra work of verifying and reconciling cash deposits into the banks. 
  3. No need to open a bank account. You can have the card and still maintain your bank account with any other bank.
  4. The Prepaid card works like any other payment card, while offering multiple possibilities and can be loaded online and at any UBA business office, or through American AirSea Cargo by paying into American AirSea Cargo UBA Bank Account. This prevents you having to go to any bank to load any of your other cards. Tens of customers now simply pay into the normal American AirSea Cargo UBA Bank account, and within 24 hours we fund your card directly.
  5. This card is a Naira denominated card that is pre-funded and re-loadable, hence no need to first look for dollar to fund the card. For our UBA Account details, click HERE
  6. It is internationally accepted in all Visa acceptance points. The card can be used for ATM, web and POS transactions at millions of Merchants outlets worldwide.
  7. The security feature with the Chip and Pin technology ensures that the card is protected at all times
  8. An additional layer of security certified by the Verified By Visa (VBV) feature provides extra protection for your card and related transactions, especially when used on the web.
  9. Balance enquiry can be done on UBA ATMs or online.
  10. Instant SMS notification for every transaction free of charge keeps you up to date with your spending.
  11. Can be used to make payment both online and at any POS machine both local and international.
  12. Designed especially for online shopping, allowing you to shop in thousands of stores in the US and world over.
  13. Can be used to make cash withdrawal worldwide, making it the ideal travel companion.
  14. The amount stored on the card can be retrieved, even if the card is lost or stolen.
  15. Use it to perform card to card transaction online. This is great for couples.
  16. Very simple card issuance process. Get it in as little as 3 days, depending on your location.
  17. Load the exact amount you need to shop online, when you need to shop online.

Special Offers To Our Card Holders

  1. Save up to =N=170 per Kg on all shipping from the US, and up to 10% discount on all shipping from all other locations when payment is made with the American AirSea Cargo Visa Card. Getting this discount is easy. Simply use it on our site and its recognized as an American AirSea Cargo card and will automatically apply the discount.
  2. NOTE - Up to 10% discount applies to shipping of items (air or sea) and to cars. It does not apply to procurement orders or shipping of full container loads.
  3. COMING SOON !!! - Exclusive access to some US stores that don't allow Nigerian billing address e.g walmart.com, bestbuy.com

How Do I Get The Card

  1. A one time set up fee of just $8 (around #1,350 depending on exchange rate). We offer three easy ways to pay the set up fee
    1. By deposit to our Bank Account in any UBA branch - Click here to see the account number for Set Up Fee.
    2. By online transfer to our Bank Account in any UBA branch - Click here to see the account number for Set Up Fee.
    3. Online -  Click here to easily, safely and conveniently pay for set up
  2. Once payment is received, an immediate application form will be emailed to you. Download the form from the provided link.
  3. Fill the form and submit required documentation. Please scan and email to: [email protected], informing us of where you will like to pick up the card. Cards can be picked up at any UBA branch.
  4. We will process the application and you can pick up the card in about 3 to 5 Business days time at your selected UBA branch nationwide.
  5. For the SOL ID or list of Branches, please Click here.

How Do I Fund My Card

There are five different ways to load your card, designed to make using it easy for you.

  1. At any UBA branch nationwide. Simply walk  into any UBA bank in Nigeria, fill the deposit slip using you client ID number as you account number. And you card is funded to your requested amount. 
  2. At American AirSea Cargo: You can pay (or transfer money online) into American AirSea Account and we will load your card for you at your request. Click here to see the account number for payment.
  3. Through Internet Banking: The card can also be refunded using the UBA internet banking platform. 
  4. Mobile Money: UBA Mobile money platform also has the ability to fund this card
  5. Visa Prepaid Card to Visa Prepaid Card: Another American AirSea Cargo Visa Prepaid card can fund another holder under American AirSea Cargo.

How Do I Sign Up To Shop After Getting My Card

  1. Click on the sign up link below.
  2. Select the free personal account, and follow the process to sign up for your country of choice.
  3. If you want more than one country, repeat step 2 above for each country.
  4. The discounts based on the type of card will reflect when you use your UBA card to make payment online. This reflects automatically starting from the 21st of November, 2013

NOTE: These discounts and special offers for these cards are valid till December 2014, and will reduce to a fixed 5% discount after one year.