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"My items have always come in good condition and their rate is cheap so I can recommend Shoptomydoor to everyone. Keep it up Shoptomydoor" - Ekhoragbon Kingsley

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Why You Need Shoptomydoor to shop and ship from USA


With your free USA warehouse address you can shop from any online store in USA using your Visa/MasterCard or PayPal account.

  • You get 14 days free storage that allows you shop from one or multiple online stores in USA.
  • With your free USA warehouse address you can start shopping from USA immediately right in Botswana.
  • Enjoy consolidation that saves you 80% on shipping cost. Better than shipping each items for a very little price from USA.
  • Track your orders with our online tool from USA till they arrive Botswana.
  • You can view your goods as they are updated in your Shoptomydoor warehouse.
  • Enjoy responsive customer service on phone, chat and email.


Want to know our shipping rate to Botswana?

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When do I receive my goods from USA?

Air Freight Service

  • Weekly Shipping - We ship out every week and items get to you in as little as 3 – 4 days. 
  • All shipments must be in our warehouse and payment made by Tuesday 12 midnight US central time/Houston time.
  • Express Shipping via UPS 2 - 4 business days
  • Warehouse Update - Your item is updated within 24 to 48 business hours as it arrives our USA warehouse.
  • Once you pay for shipping, it will be processed for delivery to Botswana.
  • Constant Notification - You will be notified from the moment your goods are received and updated to the point it is shipped to Botswana and we deliver to your doorstep.


Shoptomydoor provides you fast shipping from USA to Botswana. Now you can buy from one or multiple online stores:


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