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Win the new Blackberry Z10, only from American AirSea Cargo. Win one for your self, one for your spouse and one for a wonderful friend. Simply refer people to sign up for our E-Procure account and that's it.

To Win

  1. Simply refer anyone you know to sign up, and make required payment for any of our E-Procure accounts, and win valuable points towards your gift of choice. Details of our E-Procure accounts can be seen at www.aascargo.com/E-Procure
  2. Each account referred qualifies you for various points as shown below. Accumulate points as you refer more people, and at 1000 points, you win our first prize - The new Blackberry Z10. Other points will also qualify you for our second, third and consolation prizes.
Type of Account Referred Number of Points You Win
Personal 20
Premium - 1 Month 30
Premium - 6 Months 70
Premium - 12 Months 100
Business - 1 Month 40
Business - 6 Months 100
Business - 12 Months 150
  1. Accumulate as much point as you can from February 1st to March 31st, to win the following items or its cash equivalent. Use our easy tracking sheet to keep track of your referrals.
  2. Email your tracking/referral sheet to [email protected] before the promo close date of 31st March, 2013. 
  3. Prizes will be mailed to you within 7 business days of sending in your referral sheet. For those who prefer the cash equivalent, deposit will be made into your account within 4 business days of submitting your referrals.

First Prize - BlackBerry Z10 - Maximum of 3 Units per person. 

1000 to 1999 Points - 1 Blackberry Z10 (Or =N=100,000 i.e. One Hundred Thousand Naira Cash Equivalent)

2000 to 2999 Points - 2 Blackberry Z10 (Or =N=200,000 i.e Two Hundred Thousand Naira Cash Equivalent)

3000 and above - 3 Blackberry Z10 (Or =N=300,000 i.e. Three Hundred Thousand Naira Cash Equivalent)




















Second Prize - Your Choice of a Nintendo Wii or an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

500 to 999 Points (Or =N=30,000 i.e. Thirty Thousand Naira, Cash Equivalent)


Third Prize - Your Choice of any of these phones.

200 to 499 Points (Or =N=13,000 i.e. Thirteen Thousand Naira Cash Equivalent)



Consolation Prizes:

Recharge Cards - Any Network of Your Choice - #8,500 Bundle - 100 to 199 Points (=N=8,000 Cash Equivalent)

Recharge Cards - Any Network of Your Choice - #4,000 Bundle - 50 to 99 Points (=N=3,000 Cash Equivalent)

Coby - Folding Deep Bass Stereo Headphones - 25 to 49 Points (=N=2,000 Cash Equivalent)

Technocel Leather Flip Book Case/Folio for Apple iPad - 25 to 49 Points (=N=2,000 Cash Equivalent)

Desk Organizer - 25 to 49 Points (=N=2,000 Cash Equivalent)



Terms and Conditions of Our Refer and Win Promo

  1. Promo is open to only residents of Nigeria 18 years and above.
  2. Promo runs from 1st February 2013 to 31st March, 2013.
  3. Submissions of all referrals must reach us before 12 midnight of 31st March 2013. Submissions reaching us after this date will not be accepted.
  4. All person referred must have fully signed up, paid for their accounts by 31st of March 2013, and must follow the process of signing up at www.aascargo.com to be counted in your referral. 
  5. Referring an individual who signs up with a fraudulent credit card will be disqualified, and the referrer will receive no prize, irrespective of how many other accounts he has referred.
  6. Promo is open to all even if you do not have an E-Procure account.
  7. Where we run out of the listed prizes, we will substitute with the listed equivalent cash prize.
  8. Employees of American AirSea Cargo and its affiliates are not eligible to participate in the promo.