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Procurement Service FAQs


Que: How do I get AASC buy on my behalf?
Ans: Simply sign into your E-procure account and submit your order by using this link as a guide. If you are yet to sign up, please click here to sign up.
Que: What are Domestic shipping and sales tax and how do they affect my order costs?
Ans: Domestic shipping is the cost to deliver your order from the store/merchant to your US/UK/China address. This is a charged by the store/merchant and could be standard and expedited such as 2 days or 1 day delivery. In a case where a merchant/store deliver free to your US/UK/China address, there will be no charge.
Sales tax is normally charged by merchant that either has a base within the State of purchase or have outlets in this location. In our own case, we are located in Texas and sales tax is 8.25% of the merchandize total for stores that are located or have outlets in Texas.
Que: How long does it take to deliver my order to my US/UK/China warehouse?
Ans: It depends on the shipping option you paid for. In most cases, there are standard delivery option (3-5 business days or more; depends on the store’s policy), expedited (may be 2 days or next day delivery).
Que: How do I know the status of my Procurement order? 
Ans:  You can always track using your Procurement invoice’s order number via “Track a shipment” section on our website. At the same time, we would always alert you via email once your order is placed as well as the estimated delivery date and or the tracking number if provided by the merchant.
Que: What is expected of me after my items are received in my US/UK/China warehouse?
Ans: Once you get an email alert of full delivery of your order to the warehouse, simply log into your warehouse and select the items for ship out. Afterwards, a shipping invoice would be raised and items become shipped after payment is made for the shipping invoice. Please note that you have a 21-day free storage from the day of receiving the first item in your warehouse; storage charge begins after 21 days of free storage.
Que: How do I pay for a procurement order?
Ans: We have flexible payment methods ranging from on-spot payment with your Visa/MasterCard to online transfer and deposit into our account. Simply follow this link as a guide to submit and pay now for your procurement order.