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SHOPFORME: Procurement at itís Best!

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This is the home to affordable and stress free procurement service. The Shopforme services completely removes the stress and hassles of dealing with merchants, bidding, negotiation, traveling and even when your payment is rejected by the seller for any reason.
We ship via ocean in 6-8 weeks and in 5-6 business days via air with 100% guaranteed delivery. 

Our Shopforme value added services covers :    

  1. Automobile/ Car Procurement: All you need to do is give us the Specifications or URL of the car you want and we will purchase, pickup, ship and deliver to any destination in Nigeria and Ghana. You can get all the information you need on our Auto Procurement procedure and services here!  
  2. Machine Parts/ Gadget Procurement: From large earth moving machine parts, car parts, home and office electronics sets, shopforme will procure and deliver straight to your door. 
  3. Card Decline: Should your card be declined while buying from an online store in the USA, Shoptomydoor will help you procure such items at a small fee once you give us the details and have it delivered to any destination in Ghana and Nigeria. 
  4. Documentation: Shopforme procurement service will ensure all necessary shipping documents are intact for easy customs clearing to prevent delays and the added cost of demurrage. 
  5. Insurance Cover: Our 100% refund policy ensures you are covered. All verified refunds are remitted in 24 hours or less.
  6. Lower Shipping Cost: Our shipping cost can get as much as 75% lower than what is listed online by the top 3 major shippers. 
  7. Tracking: You will get regular updates with our tracking system and we also have a responsive customer service always available whenever you need them.

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