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We air freight hundreds of packages weekly with 75% or more savings.

Our package delivery service covers shipment up to 150 pounds per unit/box, and is presently our most popular service, serving hundreds of customers weekly from locations in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and many other African destinations, as well as other countries all over the world. In partnership with the worlds leading cargo airlines, American AirSea Cargo provides multiple air freight shipping options to ensure delivery of cargo to most locations worldwide in 3 to 5 business days. We offer door to door delivery services all over Nigeria, and door to airport service in other locations. With equipment to handle over 10,000 pounds of cargo, no shipment is too big for us to handle.

Whether there is a need for consolidated or direct air freight forwarding service, our expert professionals are ready to route your goods to or from almost any point in the United States. Due to an ever increasing demand for shorter transit times, we utilize premium air freight carriers with established routings for our consolidations. Many different options are available for the most competitive and reliable air freight forwarding service, and guaranteed to save you over 50% compared to using the major air carriers.




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Tried our E-Procure solution  yet. In simple terms its our package and mail forwarding service designed to deliver packages to you from multiple online stores all over the US. E-Procure allows for online monitoring of your packages in your assigned US address, you can shop multiple stores all over the US and have it delivered to your own US address, while we do the rest and forward it to you worldwide at costs of up to 70% less than major shippers. Join hundreds of customers that have tried our service to enjoy ever better service now.



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