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Simplifying Your Global Shipping Needs

Simplifying Your Global Shipping Needs - E-Procure - An American AirSea Cargo Approach.

As the world continues to be a global village, the need to simplify international transactions, both commercial and personal is now at the forefront of the needs of individuals and businesses. Transactions such as shipping, online shopping and transfer of goods and services keeps growing from one end of the world to another, and success of any business now depends of effective and simplified supply chain. When in 1995, the Internet pioneer Amazon.com began doing business, local and international market analysts predicted a day when people would sit back all day in their respective homes and offices, relying on their computers and online shopping systems to order for everything they desire. The online and simplified systematic approach of solving consumers’ market needs have greatly reduces the relative risks, complexities and high costs of travelling from one country to another to procure goods. People travel from countries in Africa, and all over the world to purchase and import goods from major manufacturing countries like United States of America, China UK or other foreign Countries. Combined with the easy availability of Visa and Master Cards, the majority of the consumers in the society are now beginning to see little or no reason of going out to designated shopping Centers/Malls let alone embarking on a tedious journey to another country to buy items they may need.

In most cases,people would need to buy and ship goods internationally either for business purpose or for personal use. The best way to simplify the complexities of shopping and shipping from a country like Unites States, China and UK is to hire a shipping company that can give you comprehensive services to that regard. Over the past three years, American AirSea Cargo has proved itself to be a leader by rendering efficient, cost effective and robust services required to meet the needs of the small consumer as well as mega corporations. All this has been achieved with a new innovative scheme called E-Procure that has solved the needs of all of their customers.

The E-Procure method allows customers to get their own international address in the USA, UK or China with an accompanying Unit Number that is used to identify all their packages as it arrives their warehouse. Hence this address is used as their shipping address in making purchases from stores and companies in US, China and UK. An E-Procure account also allows online monitoring and follow-up of the packages to their assigned address. The customer can shop from multiple stores all over these countries and have their items delivered to their either US,UK or China address as provided, while the American AirSea Cargo conclude the remaining logistics and ships the items to the customer anywhere in Nigeria. In each of their warehouses, well trained and dedicated warehouse personnel are stationed to receive packages, updating the status of the goods/items upon arrival and shipping out. All these are geared towards ensuring efficient and effective service as not seen by any other shipping company.

The E-Procure system in general allows for business and consumers to:

  1. Have their own address in USA, China, UK and coming soon Dubai, where their items can be delivered.
  2. Eliminate the need for Visa hassles and fees that can go as high as #200,000 for Chinese visa fees.
  3. Eliminate the need for airline fees that can go as high as #450,000 for China.
  4. Eliminate the need for hotel fee and taxi fess that could be exorbitant depending on the destination in question.
  5. Enjoy a reduced shipping cost of up to 50% to 75% compared to other major shippers.
  6. Save thousands on cheaper but quality goods such as the options provided by American AirSea Cargo to China
  7. Delivery service to all locations in Nigeria and Ghana using reliable services of local providers such as Red Star Express.
  8. Access to our exclusive list of trusted companies to avoid potential fraud in all your transactions.
  9. Easy online account management and monitoring of all shipments from your account.
  10. Multiple and easy payment options, allowing easy online payment using Visa card, Master card, PayPal, InterSwitch and Quick Teller, as well as option to pay into designated banks across Nigeria.
  11. Instant email alerts on the status of your purchases from these countries.
  12. Full tracking of your shipment from China, US and UK to its final location.
  13. Access to millions of products and thousands of online stores all these countries.
  14. Access to air freight or Ocean freight services for any size of shipments.
  15. Consolidation service that allows storage of your items free of charge for as long as 2 weeks until you are ready to have it shipped out.

With these services, it’s become easy for a novice to start an international business with little or no capital. The question that comes to mind now is; what range of shipping services can be taken care of using the E-Procure service. Is it restricted to small packages or to just air freight? The answer is simply that any size of items can be taken care of using an E-Procure account. E-Procure is simply an extension of the normal shipping services that provides a better interface for the management of all your shipping services in one portal, available through www.aascargo.com.

The shipping options available to both E-Procure and all other customers include:

  1. Air Freight:American AirSea Cargo’s air freight solution allows deliveries from customer’s international E-Procure address to their locations anywhere in Nigeria in as little as 4 business days. American AirSea Cargo as of June 30th 2012 has shipped over 12,000 separate shipments into Nigeria and is now the reliable and economical way to meet all your time critical air freight shipping needs, all at your budget. Over the past years, we have primarily served major industries particularly the oil and gas industries bringing in their time critical equipment, where delay is not an option. From movement of engine parts to specialized and equipped special purpose vehicles, we have delivered when time is of the essence using our air freight service, and even provide charter services for movement of very large cargo by air.
  2. Ocean Freight:American AirSea Cargo's ocean freight service enables customers to ship all sizes of cargo from a single pallet to large and over size machinery such as tractors or similar equipment’s from their E-Procure address in any of these countries to any location in Nigeria. As a cost effective solution, its designed to meet your ever changing needs, and can easily be integrated with our air freight service to provide a cost effective and time critical end to end solution. Ocean service is further divided into:
  3. FCL (Full Container Load): We offer FCL at a competitive rate for customers that need to ship full 20ft or 40ft container.
  4. LCL (Less-Than-Container Load): When a customer does not have enough cargo for a full container, the company offers less-than-container load Our LCL rates. This saves the customer a lot compared to air cargo.
  5. NCL (Non-Containerized Load):  NCL is a special product designed by the company for oversized categories of loads or those that cannot fit inside a container. This service is meant for equipment such as caterpillars, tractors, cranes, heavy trucks and other heavy duty construction equipment.
  6. Auto Shipping:  The Company offers a full range of car shipping services for those desiring to ship one car or more from these countries. Scope of services of the company has also been expanded into other prominent steps designed to support corporate car dealers, auto parts traders, and individual.
  7. RORO: The system of Roll on / Roll off option allow a less expensive, reliable and faster means to move single vehicles to our customers. RORO option is used for automobiles, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers or railroad cars that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. RORO has become the most popular means, and preferred now by most customers due to allowing deliveries in as little as less than 3 weeks from the US.
  8. Due to popular demand the company also offers other services from the US office that includes procurement and shipping of new cars, used cars, salvage cars, bullet proof cars, trucks/trailers and heavy equipment.
  9. Procurement:The E-Procure account offers easy and immediate procurement service for all classes of customers. The procurement service is designed for businesses, traders, companies, contractors, etc that need products from America.  We provide procurement services to serve the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Construction, Medical Industry, Auto Industry, Clothing, Beauty and cosmetics, and lots more. We handle everything from negotiations with the company in US, filling the US shippers export declaration (SED), filling export license if necessary, insurance and even shipping and delivery to your door step all over Nigeria. We are a one stop solution, handling both the procurement and the shipping.

In summary, the American AirSea Cargo approach to international shipping and procurement, allows Nigerians to stay at home and have access to any size and quantity of products without travelling or visa issues. We look forward to serving you shortly.  


Amaka Okeke.

Assistant Head of Customer Service

American AirSea Cargo.