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E-Procure is our specially designed mail/package forwarding service designed to enable customers use their Visa or Master Card to shop in stores like Amazon, Ebay etc from the US, UK and China and have the products delivered right to their door in a few days.

shop with your Visa and MasterCard and have it delivered to your door in just a few days

Join hundreds of registered members to enjoy:


  • Shopping from thousands of stores in US, UK and China.
  • Having your own address in one or more countries.
  • No need for visa issues, airline bookings, hotel bookings and lots more.
  • Ability to save thousands on low cost but quality items from these countries.
  • Savings of  50% to 75% on shipping cost compared to the major shippers
  • Deliveries to your door step in as little as 4 business days.
  • Access to trusted and reliable stores to shop from in these countries.
  • Easy online account management and payment of your shipping invoices.
  • Instant email alerts on the status of your purchases from any of these countries.
  • Full tracking of your shipment to its final location.
  • Consolidation service designed to save you thousands in shipping cost.
  • Award winning customer service and support for all your questions.
  • Start your own business like tens of our customers have - Buy low in these countries and sell high.
  • All done from your home or office.
  • Join our community of over 66,000 fans on facebook.com/shoptomydoor


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