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Business Account

Our business account is designed for heavy shippers and corporate bodies who ship on a regular basis and in very large quantities. Designed to allow you monitor all your orders from various sites all in one place.


1. Assigns your company a unique warehouse address where all your shipments can be sent to.

2. Allows for multiple delivery address. A convenient feature designed for big companies who may have a central procurement department, but need shipments sent to various locations. We forward the shipment from the US straight to your defined address, allowing faster delivery of essential items. The feature is also useful for contractors who have to deliver products to various customers. We will deliver the products from the US straight to your defined customer, using discrete packaging any specific instructions are requested by you.

3. Online tracking allows for you to monitor the status of your shipment from the time you submit it to our warehouse, till its received in its final destination.

4. Discounted shipping cost. A discount of $0.25/pound is applied to all corporate accounts, saving you a lot in shipping cost.

5. Free 2 weeks consolidation service, means that within a 2 weeks period, we will wait for all your items to come in, irrespective of the number of items and you wont pay for consolidation. After 2 weeks, all items will be shipped out, and any subsequent items will ship as they come in.

6. A choice of one, six and twelve month subscription.

7. Free package consolidation means that for multiple items, we will repackage them into a small a volume as possible in order to reduce dimensional costs to you.

8. Free insurance for all your shipments to the tune of $200. Hence you are automatically covered to the value of your goods up to $200. For shipments with values greater than $200, you will have to request additional insurance as your coverage in terms of loss or damage is limited to $200.

9. Discounted procurement service offers you low rates as low as 7% processing fee for your procurement. Actual processing fee varies depending on the overall cost of your goods.

Signing Up For An Account

Step 1: Click on the E-Procure tab, and click on "Sign Up" under the business account.























































Step 3: Verify and complete all required information, and click on submit to move to the next step. We recommend subscribing to our news letter so you are emailed current updates and discount coupons on a regular basis.

































Step 4: You will see the payment confirmation page showing you a summary of the subscription you are paying for. Verify that the information is correct, agree to our terms and conditions and proceed to make payment.



































Step 5: Follow the screen, select the preferred payment method, and once payment is submitted an invoice as shown below will be generated, and can be view anytime on your account.








































Account Features

Once your account is approved, you will be notified via email and you are then open to enjoying all the benefits of a business account. One thing you will notice is the short cuts on the left below (circled in red). These modules are only available to E-Procure customers and can be used to update the status of their shipment and lots more.

























Tell Us What You Ordered

This exclusive E-Procure module enables us to be informed of items you have ordered that are been shipped to our warehouse. Simply fill the required fields AFTER YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ORDERS ON THE US SITE, and we will be updated of all items to expect from you. This enables us to track every single shipment and ensure that all items are received and invoiced correctly.

Ensure that:

1. All fields are completed correctly.

2. You upload your invoice or receipts for all items defined. Note that we may impose a $10 fine if all invoices are not correctly uploaded, as it makes export process more difficult for us. Note also that for shipments above $2,500 special dcumentations are required for export. Please click here to learn more. If this is been shipped directly to your customers, you can also upload the invoice you want us to include with your shipment there by hiding the actual cost of the items.

3. Select the requested insurance amount. See our note above under the 8th point of the advantages of a business account to determine our limitations to lost or damaged cargo.

4. For the consolidation options, there are 3 options to select from.

  • Full Consolidation. - Select this if you want us to hold all shipments in your warehouse and ship them out as a unit. Note that this is limited to a 2 weks period, and items not received within 2 weeks will ship as a different unit.
  • Partial Consolidation - Designed to minimize your paying for minimum shipping costs. Note that for items less than 10 pounds, we have a fixed shipping cost of $40 to Lagos and other rates for different locations. Please check the quote form to determine the minimum shipping cost to your location. Simply enter a value less than 10 pounds to obtain the minimum shipping cost. With partial consolidation we hold your items until they are more than 10 pounds and we ship it off. Note that with this option the last item may incure minimum charges.
  • No Consolidation - Your items are shipped out with each shipment of ours.

5. Select the destination/shipping address of the orders, and we will ship to that location.






































My WareHouse

Here you can view all items you have ordered and are been shipped to us, as well as see your assigned US address. Please note that when placing an order in any US website ensure you use your warehouse address. An example of how to fill you address on a site like Amazon.com is shown below. Use the same procedure on any other site, making sure your unit number is used in the address line 2. Your warehouse will show you when things are receied, and the status of your shipment will change from "Not Received" to "In WareHouse". With each status update, you will get an automatic email that informs you of the items that have been received, keeping you informed all the way. An example of what you see in your warehouse after items are received is shown in the updated warehouse image below.























Using Your US Address




















Updated WareHouse

Once items are received, we update its status within 24 hours informing you of the details of items that have been received.























Making A Payment

Once items have been received and packaged for shipping, an invoice will be automatically generated, and you will get a immediate alert similar to what is shown below in your email, with details of the invoice.














Once your receive the alert, log into you account and click on "Make A Payment", and then select "Pay" to pay for the specified invoice. Follow the on screen procedure to pay for the invoice. Note that with our automatic updates, all invoices must be paid for before items are shipped out of the US.













Your final invoice will show you details of the items been shipped off to you, as shown below.

























































Procurement Service

Our procurement service ensures that what ever the product, and what ever the site you can get what you need from the US. So even if you dont yet have a Visa/MasterCard of your card was denied on the site, you can now enjoy low processing fee from as low as 10% for items valued at $10,000 or more to 20% for items less than $500. Tell us what you need, and you will automatically see the cost for procurement. Note that shipping cost is not included, and you can get an estimate of the shipping cost by using our quote form, if you know the weight and dimensions of what you intend to ship.