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Auction Purchase

This is presently the best way to get the best possible deal. You stand the potential to save up to 50% or more in some cases compared to buying direct from the dealers. Auction purchases are usually preferred by car dealers, who buy, repair and sell back in reconditioned condition to customers in their countries.

When using us to purchase from auctions, we will represent you physically in auctions that are within the Houston area, and will also carry out all needed checks on your behalf to ensure you are buying the best possible car all the time.


Auction purchases will normally come in 3 varieties:

  1. Sound Condition Cars: These are cars from certain auctions that are in perfect condition. Such cars are normally cars coming from car rental companies and other major companies and banks, and have a very good maintenance history. We will represent you in the auction and purchase the car on your behalf. We work with Adesa Auctions to provide these cars that are in excellent conditions.
  2. Accidented Auctions: These are cars from various auctions that deal on cars that have had some form of accident, or are been sold off by insurance companies. These cars offer the best savings, and we often see cars that are in perfect condition but are been sold as accidented in these auctions. We work with Insurance Auto Auctions and Copart Auctions to provide these cars.
  3. Salvage Auctions - These are typically cars that have sustained damage worth 75% or more of its good value. Some states in the US may use other terms but generally salvage cars have sustained serious damage. While this is the case, dont let it scare you as some insurance companies typically write off cars as salvage for reasons other than damage values. We have helped some customers purchase cars branded as salvage that ended up been in perfect condition, and these could be the best deal possible. We work with Insurance Auto Auctions and Copart Auctions to provide salvage cars.

Auction Procurement Procedure

  1. Go through our listed auction partners below, and search for the car of your choice. To reduce the cost of transportation, we recommend that you search their locations in Houston.
  2. If your choice car is not available in the Houston auction facility, you are free to select a car in any other facility all over the USA. We will pick up the car and ship it through the nearest port, or move it to our Houston Facility, and ship it out to you. You will be responsible for the cost to move this from the auction facility to ship out location. For cars in Houston, we pick up for just a $80 charge.
  3. Register on the site to view estimated cost to buy the car from the auction. If this is not available, call or email us and we will provide you with an estimated auction cost.
  4. At your request, we can carry out pre-inspection of your desired car prior to the auction date for cars in Houston. This request must be made to us at least 48 hours before the auction date. There is a fixed $125 pre-inspection charge. This inspection is only feasible for auctions in the Houston area for now, and is done by our personnel, as mechanics will require auction approval to enter the auction premises. Our auction inspection will provide you with the following basic information about the car:
    • Engine Warning Lights
    • Alarms, if any present
    • Condition and readings of guages
    • 8 pictures of the interior of the car
    • 8 pictures of the exterior of the car
    • 4 pictures of the engine of the car
  5. Shipping cost will depend on the option you want. Please refer to our shipping cost section by clicking here.
  6. Estimate your clearing cost. A local agent in your country can provide you with this. For Nigeria, clearing cost depends on the type of car. Please see our estimated clearing cost in the clearing cost section.
  7. If the total cost (Auction Purchase Price + Bidding Fee + Shipping Cost ) is okay with you, email us at c[email protected] and we can get the whole process started. The auction purchase price is the total cost paid to the auction facility.
  8. Once purchased, we can offer a cost evaluation to determine the total cost of repairs, or evaluate your car and purchase high quality parts, and ship them with your car for you to use in repairing it on getting to you.

Auction Payment Procedure

  1. Full Payment must be made at least 2 days before the auction date, and can be made direct to us in the US, or paid in any country where we have operations. Once payment is received, we will bid for you on the date of the auction, and you agree for us to bid to a maximum agreed value that you decide. Please note that the $50 auction fee is due each time we bid for you, whether you win the particular auction or not.
  2. If we win the bid within the limits, we will send you a final invoice (with a copy of the actual invoice from your chosen auction). This final invoice will contain the total auction cost, our 3% processing cost + Service Charge. 
  3. If the final auction cost is less than our estimated auction cost, the excess will be applied to our processing fee, auction cost, or shipping charges.
  4. Once the auction is won, the car will be picked up and prepared for shipping to you.
  5.  Urgent bid attracts $100 surcharge and full payment of maximum bid amount must be made 24 hours before auction date.
  6. $50 non-refundable fee in case of lost bid or customer decide to call off a paid for order before the auction date.
  7. Other services include; shipping, clearing and Inspection service.
Auction Car Processing Cost
Car Cost ($)       Bidding Fees
1 - 1,000 $100 + 10%
1,001 - 10,000 $100 + 5%
Above 10,000 $100 + 4%

The 3% is the processing fee at fixed rate. This is 3% of the total auction cost.

Auction Partners

 Adesa Auction                    Insurance Auto Auctions                   Copart Auction

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