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About Us

Shoptomydoor: A Service of American Air Sea Cargo

Shoptomydoor was originally conceived as a means of shopping and shipping goods from USA to Nigeria. This simple idea which began in 2009 has flourished and quickly developed into a global company that provides shipping services globally from 3 business days.
Beginning in 2009 we have served well over 200,000 satisfied customers and delivered over 3 million items stress free from USA, UK and China to their doorstep at unbeatable rates, saving over 80% on shipping cost when compared to other major shippers.
We have become popular with our exceptional shopping and shipping services, which has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of customers, who desire quality at the right price. Shoptomydoor helps individual shoppers and business owners cut across borders.
Shoptomydoor has the capability and customer dedication to offer you global guaranteed delivery to your door stress free at an affordable rate.

Our Vision. Our Mission, Our Values

Our Vision

  • To create a world where goods move quickly, and without borders from any location worldwide to the whole of Africa and beyond.
  • A world where raw materials, parts and finished products move quickly between continents and across time zones.
  • A world where information technology and transportation networks shrink time and distance, creating competitive advantages to all sizes of our customers.

Our Mission:

  • To provide global and stress free air and ocean shipping services to individuals and companies at the most cost effective price, using the most innovative, but yet simple technology.
  • To provide global and stress free procurement services to individuals and companies at the most cost effective price, using the most innovative, but yet simple technology.
  • To provide an avenue for our customers in Africa, to have easy, direct and stress free access to quality and advanced products from developed countries, just as if they were residents in these countries, thereby giving them the opportunity to live a better life.
  • To advance local business in Africa by giving them stress free, cost effective and fast ways to ship and procure items from developed countries.

Our Values:

  • Customers – We believe our customers are our best assets, and will go to any length possible to ensure complete customer satisfaction in all we do by creating and developing customer driven solutions at all times.
  • People – We will attract, develop and retain the best team members in an atmosphere that encourages open communication and respect for others.
  • Integrity – We will be honest, fair and reliable in our day-to-day interaction with customers and fellow employees.
  • Quality – We will accept nothing less than total and complete customer satisfaction, and will hold ourselves accountable for all our actions


From our customers


“AASCARGO is more than a cargo company to me. The company has proven to be an indispensable friend, partner and a bridge for my business in cross-ocean trade/transactions.”


Bolarinwa Osiyale

Lagos, Nigeria



“This is a company I have been depending on to buy and ship my stuffs from the US. Over five
(5) years of very wonderful business relationship. I have trusted these guys with stuffs from fragile things like TV’S heavy glass tables to expensive items worth millions and they have never disappointed me or the other clients I introduced to them, not even once! I watched this company grow and improve over the years with utmost efficiency and professionalism. It is nice and reassuring to have this Nigerian company handle your consignment week in week out without any issues. Kudos to AASCARGO!”

Suleiman Rufai Ahmed

Imaxxix Enterprises, Abuja, Nigeria


“AASC is a customer oriented company constantly seeking innovative end to end solutions using any means available especially ICT to satisfy clients. They have successfully bridged the gap between global markets with their e-procure platform while giving clients various freight options depending on needs. Thumps up… “

Femi Ogunleye

Sense of Smell, Abuja, Nigeria




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